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A Bird's Eye View of Construction


Provided below is an aerial image of the project area where work is currently taking place or scheduled to begin . . . for specific details, please visit the Construction Info page. 

Updated: Dec. 1, 2023

The graphic and information below is related to major work activities; however, many tasks are taking place within current traffic control or that do not require additional traffic restrictions. Current work also includes clearing of the north and south side of Happy Valley Road and channel excavation on the east side of Pima Road. 
PHV Graphic for WEB.png
Chama and De La O Closed at Pima Rd through late 2023
Current Major Work Activities:
Contractor crews working on the west side of Pima to prepare for paving. and north side of Happy Valley on upcoming paving, and on the south side of Happy Valley Road on concrete driveways, curb, and sidewalk, and on the south side of the Golf Club Drive roundabout. Work also continues at Pima/Desert Highlands to install a traffic signal.

4-way stop in place at Golf Club Drive through Jan. 15 to accommodate construction of the south side of the Golf Club Drive roundabout.  
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