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Watch Our Progress

We know it can be tough to see what progress is really taking place just driving by and watching excavators that seem to be doing the same things over and over, so we thought these project pics would be helpful. 


We'll update these periodically so check back often! 

Updated: May 10, 2023

For a view of the Happy Valley box culvert work progress - take a look below our photo gallery!


Pic Hints for the Photo Gallery Below:

  • Hover over the picture for a description

  • Click on the picture to magnify/pop out

  • Use the left/right arrows to reverse/advance

Pima Rd Looking South at Happy Valley & Happy Valley Detour 5-4-23
Looking East at Happy Valley & Box Culvert 5-4-23
Concrete pour at Pima-Happy Valley box culvert 4-5-23
Rebuilding Happy Valley east of Pima (north of detour) 4-5-23
Restoring trees in the Pima Channel 4-20-23
Constructing box culverts under Happy Valley 4-5-23
Box culvert north of detour looking south 4-5-23
Box culvert concrete pour 4-5-23
Prepping New East Side of Pima for Paving 4-20-23
Pima Channel Excavation & Prep Pima for Paving 4-20-23
Gabion baskets in Pima Channel 4-20-23
La Mirada South Driveway Complete 4-5-23
Box Culvert East Side of Pima 3-6-23
Happy Valley Detour 3-6-23
Pima Rd Looking North at HV Detour 2-1-23
La Mirada South Driveway 2-1-23
Riprap in Pima Channel 2-1-23
Happy Valley Detour & Box Culverts 2-1-23
La Mirada View 2-1-23
Pima Rd Looking South 2-1-23
Happy Valley Detour 2-1-23
La Mirada Driveways 2-1-23
La Mirada Retaining Walls Nov 22
Happy Valley Box Culvert 4-20-23.png

  Pima/Happy Valley Box Culvert 4-20-23  

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