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Construction Info


Provided below is current construction information. Please remember that construction schedules can be impacted by a variety of factors to include weather, materials or resource scheduling, or nearby events. ​

Current Construction Information (March 9, 2023):


Pima / Happy Valley Intersection:

  • A detour of Happy Valley Road (east of Pima Road) is currently in place shifting the Pima Road/Happy Valley Road intersection slightly to the south, with a temporary traffic signal in place to manage traffic at the intersection. Happy Valley Road is currently closed on the west side of Pima Road. This traffic configuration will remain in effect until late 2023.

  • Access remains open to Pinnacle Presbyterian Church at Pima Road and at Happy Valley Road arriving from and departing to the west only (to/from Scottsdale Road). Travelers should not try to use the church parking lot to cut through and avoid the closure as the parking lot is divided so there is no direct access between Pima Road and Happy Valley Road.

  • Crews continue work on the east side Pima Road at the closed Happy Valley intersection to construct several box culverts as part of the drainage improvements.

  • Scheduled to begin the week of March 13, concrete crews will work on curb and catch basins on the east side of the intersection and the future Happy Valley median island on the east side of the intersection.

  • Scheduled to begin the week of March 20, electric crews will install new traffic signal pole foundations.


HV Detour REV 2-18-23.png

Pima Road:

  • Pima Road traffic is shifted to the west side of Pima Road, striped for two lanes in each direction, as crews work to construct the east side of the new Pima Road. In addition, Chama and DeLaO are closed to traffic on the west side of Pima Road.

  • Crews are working on the east side of Pima Road to install the first half of box culverts crossing under Pima Road, and also storm drain pipe, and catch basins as part of the drainage improvements.

  • Scheduled to begin the week of March 27, concrete crews will begin work forming and pouring curb and sidewalk along the east side of Pima Road.

  • Contractor crews for Southwest Gas are currently relocating their facilities on the west side of Pima Road during daytime hours with a southbound lane restricted for this work, which is expected to be complete for this segment by the end of next week.  

  • Crews are nearing completion working on concrete curb, ADA ramps, sidewalk, and landscaping at La Mirada Shopping Center. The south driveway remains closed and should be reopened by end of March.

  • Crews also continue work on channel excavation for the future channel on the east side of Pima Road and as segments of the channel are excavated, rip rap is being placed to minimize erosion of the channel during storm events.

Happy Valley Road:

  • Happy Valley Road traffic is being maintained with one lane in each direction, currently shifted to the north from Pima Road to Golf Club Drive, and shifted to the south from Golf Club Drive to Alma School Road.

  • Scheduled for Monday, March 13, paving crews will remove a layer of asphalt and repave the area from 101st Place to 102nd Street for a smoother driving surface.

  • Pipeline crews continue installation of water pipeline in the north side of Happy Valley Road moving west from Alma School Road. This work is currently scheduled to cross 101st Place the week of March 27. This work will be conducted one-half at a time to maintain access with a flagger in place, if needed, to assist in managing traffic while work takes place. This work will tentatively cross Golf Club Drive sometime around the end of April.

  • Electric crews are currently working to install electric conduit on the south side of Happy Valley Road, from Pima Road working in an easterly direction toward Golf Club Drive. As this work crosses side streets or driveways, crews will work to maintain access; however, there may be short periods where access is restricted.

  • APS contractor crews are working on the north side of Happy Valley, east of 101st Pl, and Southwest Gas contractor crews are currently working on the south side of Happy Valley, west of 92nd St, to relocate their respective facilities, behind existing traffic control.

  • Crews continue work installing conduit across Happy Valley Road at several crossings. To better accommodate traffic during daytime hours, this work is taking place during night hours when needed, from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights, with a flagger in place to assist in managing traffic near the work zone. This work should be complete by the end of March.

  • Crews are currently working to relocate segments of wall, as needed, primarily in locations where drainage improvements will be constructed. This work is currently taking place on the north side of Happy Valley Road, working from Pima Road to the east.

  • Plant salvage is scheduled to resume along Happy Valley Road within the next couple of weeks, with initial work taking place in front of Eagles Glen and Desert Skyline Estates. This activity will be limited to tree salvaging at this time, and coordination will take place with community representatives. 

*Utilities such as Cox, CenturyLink, and Southwest Gas are working or scheduled to work to relocate their facilities along Pima Road and Happy Valley Road, which may require additional traffic control. We are working to coordinate these efforts to the extent possible to minimize the impacts, but appreciate your patience as these relocations take place to clear the way for the planned improvements.


During construction, business and resident access will be maintained, although there may be times wherein it will not be the most direct route, so please allow extra time for your travel during construction.

Thank you for your patience during construction.



Not part of the Pima & Happy Valley Road Improvements Project, but provided for your information, City of Scottsdale is performing pavement applications in various locations with the following restrictions:

  • Work on Dynamite Road, east of Alma School Road was completed yesterday; however, striping will need to take place in the near future. Striping usually takes place with a shadow truck shifting traffic around the activity, and doesn't require traffic control.

  • Crews are working in Pinnacle Peak Road, west of Pima Road, today and tomorrow to complete slurry seal application with lane restrictions in place. Today, traffic is shifted to the curb lanes for work to take place in the middle, so left turn restrictions may be in place to accommodate this work.

  • Crews are also working in Pima Road, from the Loop 101 to Pinnacle Peak Road to conduct asphalt restoration where work was recently completed. This work is taking place in segments and should be complete by end of day tomorrow.

Please note that some of this work is being done by private development and/or utilities and other work is part of planned asphalt maintenance operations performed by the City of Scottsdale’s Street Operations Department. Please see the link below for more information:


COS Maps/Traffic Restrictions (


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